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The Canton Fair opened in the sight of Wuyi enterprises "prepare" busy

The Canton Fair opened in the sight of Wuyi enterprises "prepare" busy

Oct 11,2023
The Canton Fair opened in the sight of Wuyi enterprises "prepare" busy
      On the morning of October 9th, in the conference room of Zhejiang O O Power Machinery Co., LTD., the staff of the sales department and business department are holding a "preparation" meeting of the Canton Fair to report the progress of product delivery, customer invitation, exhibition hall layout, and so on, and do the final problem investigation and progress confirmation.

      Zhejiang O O Power Machinery Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of agricultural and forestry tools and accessories, and has realized the integration of independent research and development, production, packaging and sales. In this Canton Fair, the company won 6 brand booths, including four tool brand booths and two agricultural machinery brand booths, hitting a record high.
      Zhang Lingfei, general manager of Zhejiang O O Power Machinery Co., LTD., said: " For the Canton Fair, the company has made a very full preparation, whether before, during the exhibition, or after the exhibition, have made a very detailed plan. We have prepared new products to display to customers, the booth decoration is upgraded, the company's foreign trade team also conducted targeted training and drills; at the same time, we also conducted several rounds of customer invitation, basically got good response from customers.”
        This Canton Fair, the company carefully selected nearly 20 employees to participate in the comprehensive guarantee of offline customer reception, exhibition area maintenance at the same time, the online platform for synchronous centralized publicity, taking the opportunity to expand the brand influence. In addition, the company also signed up for the first exhibition of new products. Zhejiang O O Power Machinery Co., Ltd., Chairman Xu Guang introduced: " The first show of the new product is a small multi-functional agricultural machinery, composed of a host and multiple functional end, covering the agricultural field in the soil, ditch, fertilization, harvesting and other functions.”
         The Canton Fair is the "barometer" and "vane" of China's foreign trade, and it is also a favorable opportunity to show the style of "Wuyi manufacturing" to the world. The 134th China Import and Export Fair will be held in Guangzhou in three phases from October 15th to November 4th. Wuyi foreign trade enterprises energetic, a total of 144 enterprises participated in the exhibition, the number of booths reached 321, involving 22 exhibition areas, among them, 39 enterprises obtained 152 brand booths, the number of 82, ranked in the forefront of Jinhua City. In recent days, the exhibitors actively "prepare for", go all out to meet the Canton Fair, ready to show style at the conference.

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