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  • Use and maintenance of ground drill
    Use and maintenance of ground drillDec 29,2023
    Ground drilling, also known as pit digging machine, plant protection machine, pit machine, hole machine, tree planting machine. It belongs to the plant protection category of garden machinery and is primarily used for digging pits, burying piles, planting trees, fertilizing, planting tree frames, and other agricultural and forestry work, as the name implies.
  • Remote control mower ——the new trend of mowing in modern agriculture
    Remote control mower ——the new trend of mowing in modern agricultureDec 16,2023
    With the aging of the labor force in the rural agricultural market, traditional mechanical operation demands too much on people. In order to reduce the difficulty of using agricultural machines, remote-controlled weeding robots have appeared on the market. In line with the principle of improving agricultural production efficiency, and reducing agricultural labor intensity and production costs, there is the appearance of the remote control lawnmower.
  • Use and Maintenance of Chainsaw
    Use and Maintenance of ChainsawDec 14,2023
    In wood production, we will use a variety of mining machinery and equipment to ensure completed production tasks. Chainsaws are the perfect equipment for logging, which occupies a dominant position in wood production. Thus, doing good jobs in the use and maintenance of chainsaws plays a positive role in promoting stable wood production. Below is a brief explanation of the usage and maintenance of chainsaws.
  • Common Knowledge of Chainsaws
    Common Knowledge of ChainsawsDec 12,2023
    A chainsaw, also known as a gasoline saw chain or gasoline power saw, is a tool utilized for logging and lumber power cutting. The chainsaw is equipped with a two-stroke engine that requires a specific fuel mixture of oil and gasoline. It is imperative to meticulously adhere to the oil-to-fuel ratio specified by the manufacturer, using the appropriate oil to fuel the machine. It is not recommended to use previously mixed oil that has been stored for an extended period.
  • Guide to the use of chainsaw
    Guide to the use of chainsawDec 11,2023
    Be sure to read and understand the instructions provided by the manufacturer and follow all safety and operation guidelines. Safety first, ensure constant vigilance and caution when using tools.
  • O O Power- -the brand legend of struggle and innovation
    O O Power- -the brand legend of struggle and innovationDec 8,2023
    Each great brand has a unique story, and the story of OO Power is full of struggle, innovation and unremitting pursuit of quality.
  • OO-5800 chainsaw
    OO-5800 chainsawDec 7,2023
    Chainsaw are indispensable tools in forestry work, they require strong power, reliable performance and comfortable handling. The 5800 chainsaw is the first choice for professionals and gardeners for its exceptional features and versatile design.
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