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We are a professional rotary tiller manufacturer:
        Rotary Tiller is a type of tillage machine that uses rotary blades to break up and mix the soil. It is commonly used in agricultural and horticultural operations to prepare the soil for planting and to improve soil structure.
        A Rotary Tiller typically consists of a series of blades arranged in a circular pattern and mounted on ashaftthat rotates at a set speed. The blades strike and turn the soil, breaking up clods and removing weeds and debris from the surface. The tiller can also mix fertilizer and seed into the soil.
        Rotary Tillers are versatile machines that can be used in a variety of soil conditions and on different types of terrain. They are particularly popular for small-scale farming and gardening applications.

we provide a variety of types of rotary tiller to meet the needs of various wholesalers and agents.
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I.Customized service:

Whether you have special requirements or specifications, we offer custom rotary tiller solutions that meet your unique needs.

Our team of professionals work with you to design and manufacture rotary tiller that meet your project, ensuring you get the best working tools.

We can design the packaging and products you want according to your needs to meet your needs.
We can design and produce the results you want based on the performance and other products you need.
We can design and manufacture the product LOGO you need.
II.after-sale service:

Our commitment is not limited to sales, but also includes a comprehensive after-sales service.

We provide:

1)conformally connected space:Our products enjoy a certain warranty period (one year) to guarantee your investment.

2)Repair and Maintenance: Our professional team will provide you with repair and maintenance support to ensure the best product performance.

3)Technical Support: No matter what problems you encounter, our technical support team will provide you with timely help and advice.

4)Parts supply: We provide the original factory spare parts, to ensure that you can easily replace the spare parts.
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Can You Give Me A Sample?
"We certainly can provide samples. But we need to ensure that it is used for sample test, as we are a factory and do not do retail sales.
Based on our company policy, if you need sample order, you should provide ur company info as new customer before quotation, such as company name, address, email, tel no."
Can I Add My Own Logo?
Of course you can add your logo, but the MOQ should reach 300pcs.  If you have a larger qty, we also have a better price.
Is The Unit Price The Same For The Purchase Of 500 Units?
"If your order quantity is 200, then the unit price is $???
If your order quantity is 300, then the unit price is $???
If your order quantity is 500, then the unit price is $???
The more the quantity, the greater the discount"
           Whether you need a standard product or a custom solution, we will ensure that your rotary tiller needs are met and provide excellent after-sales support to ensure your satisfaction. Contact us for more information about our rotary tiller products and services.
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You will find yourself working in a true partnership that results in an incredible experience,and an end product that is the best.

Could You Please Make OEM For Us?

Surely yes.We provide the service of replacing your logo and company name on box.


How Long Is The Delivery Time?

1. For Samples : Within 7 days2. For Bulk goods : Within 30 days


How Long Is Warranty ?

Warranty is 12 months .


What's Your Payment Method Supported?

We accept T/T, L/C, Paypal, Western Union, MoneyGram etc.

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