Field demonstration
our products have been field tested and demonstrated, ensuring that you will have a full understanding of its performance before you buy it.

In order to better show you the features and advantages of our products, our team can provide you with a field demonstration service. We know that a good product needs not only high quality, but also needs to perform well in practical application. Therefore, our field demonstration will allow you to experience the actual operation effect of the product, and help you to understand our product more intuitively.

 Our demonstration team consists of experienced technicians who will customize your presentation scheme according to your needs and site conditions. Whether it is product function display, operation training, or system integration demonstration, we will carefully prepare to ensure that the demonstration to achieve the best effect.

Custom service
Our company is committed to delivering exceptional OEM and ODM services.

OEM services, or original equipment manufacturer services, provide licensed production for your products, allowing you to focus on brand and market expansion, and give us the tedious process of manufacturing. ODM services, namely the original design manufacturer services, design and produce products according to your needs, create unique products for you, and realize your innovative ideas.

Our advantage is that we have a professional R & D team and advanced production equipment, which are able to quickly respond to your needs and provide customized solutions. We know that each product is the representative of your company's image and reputation, so we always adhere to the strict quality control and excellence in production attitude.

Choose us, and you will enjoy a one-stop service experience. From product conception to manufacturing, from quality control to after-sales service, we always stand together with you, together to create excellent products, to achieve the goal of win-win.

Quality assurance
We are confident in the quality of the tools sold and provide comprehensive warranty services ensuring your investment is secured.

Our company always adhere to the principle of customer first, to provide you with the best quality products and the most comprehensive service. In order to ensure that you can feel safe and comfortable, when purchasing and using our products, we especially provide quality assurance services.

In terms of product quality, we always adhere to strict quality control standards to ensure that every product complies with the relevant national standards and industry norms. At the same time, we also provide a comprehensive quality test report and qualification certificate, so that you are more assured when buying.

 In terms of product after-sales service, we provide a professional after-sales service team, to provide you with timely and effective technical support and maintenance services. We promise that during the warranty period, if the product failure caused by quality problems, we will repair or replace the new product for you free of charge.

In addition, we also provide product use training and operation guidance services to help you better understand and use our products, improve your experience and efficiency.
Choose us, you will enjoy a full range of quality assurance services. We not only provide you with high-quality products, but also provide you with intimate and professional service support. Let us work together to add bricks and mortar for your career!

Logistics Services

Modern information system , scientific storage and production management system , solve customer inventory pressure and shorten the date of delivery.

Date of delivery is the symbol of enterprise strength, efficiency and management!Through close communication with customers, it reasonably compiles the market forecast system, scientifically plans the production of semi-finished products, flexibly adjusts the product level and classification management of the supply chain according to the market demand which can shorten and improve the capacity of emergency response for the date of delivery . HIMARK adopts advanced information management systems, such as CRM,ERP,WMS, etc., to support accurate and standard warehouse management processes and ensure efficient production and operation capability. Provide you with quick response for delivery capability.

Price system and service system

Stable Price System to Safeguard Service Program

OO power set up a professional financial team to pay attention to the price trend of major raw materials in real time, formulate effective price floating control mechanism and form its own price linkage system. At the same time, it controlled the price floating within a certain range and raw materials inventory to maintain stable prices according to the fluctuation of market raw materials to ensure that provide you with a stable product price system.

Intelligent and Environment-friendly Production System Service Program

Intelligent and environment-friendly production system and efficient process management are the most powerful quality assurance.

OO power not only carries out the technological upgrading,process upgrading,equipment upgrading, but also continuously carries out management optimization upgrading of the enterprise, so as to realize integrated information management in the whole process of production, effectively providing you with strong quality assurance and service.

Environmental Protection Concept

OO power advocates practicality, good faith and management ethics, good and steady management concept which has won high recognition from customers around the world. The core corporate culture spirit of HIMARK promotes efficient operation and the rapid development. In the future, HIMARK family will continue to adhere to our service concept to provide you with excellent service and quality.

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Could You Please Make OEM For Us?

Surely yes.We provide the service of replacing your logo and company name on box.


How Long Is The Delivery Time?

1. For Samples : Within 7 days2. For Bulk goods : Within 30 days


How Long Is Warranty ?

Warranty is 12 months .


What's Your Payment Method Supported?

We accept T/T, L/C, Paypal, Western Union, MoneyGram etc.

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