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Common Knowledge of Chainsaws

Common Knowledge of Chainsaws

Dec 12,2023
Common Knowledge of Chainsaws

A chainsaw, also known as a gasoline saw chain or gasoline power saw, is a tool utilized for logging and lumber power cutting. The chainsaw is equipped with a two-stroke engine that requires a specific fuel mixture of oil and gasoline. It is imperative to meticulously adhere to the oil-to-fuel ratio specified by the manufacturer, using the appropriate oil to fuel the machine. It is not recommended to use previously mixed oil that has been stored for an extended period. The subsequent article aims to provide you with comprehensive information about chainsaws to assist you.

I. Chainsaw Common Knowledge

A chainsaw is easy to carry, operation recommendations, is more complex in maintenance, and needs to pay attention to many aspects:

1.Before the chainsaw works, it is necessary to let it run at a low speed for a few minutes, see the chainsaw lubrication oil weigh an oil line, can start to work. When working, the throttle can be set to a height. Every time you finish one tank of oil, you need to rest for a period of time, roughly 10 minutes. After the work is completed, the heat sink of the chainsaw should be cleaned to ensure the normal heat dissipation of the machine.

2.The air filter of the chainsaw needs to be dusted every 25 hours. If it encounters special circumstances, it can be deployed by itself. The cleaning of the foam filter can be cleaned with washing liquid or gasoline, cleaned again with water, squeezed to dry, and then soaked in oil, squeezing out excess oil.

3.When the new chainsaw is used, it is necessary to pay attention to the tightness of the saw chain, in order to drive it to turn. With a portable saw chain, the guide tooth and the guide plate are parallel. After a few minutes of use, pay attention to observe again, so repeated several times.

When using a chainsaw, it is necessary to ensure that there is no biological presence within 20 meters around, and check whether there are hard objects, stones, etc., on the grass to ensure safety. When the chainsaw needs to be put aside, it is necessary to clean the body, discharge the mixed fuel, and burn the fuel in the carburetor: Remove the spark plug, add 1-2ml two-stroke oil to the cylinder, pull the starter 2-3 times, and put the plug.

II. The Reason Why the Chainsaw Can't Start

1.Check the oil circuit and circuit, see if the oil filter is blocked, whether the carburetor pump oil is normal, whether the spark plug has electricity, remove the spark plug top on the metal, pull the machine to see whether the plug has electricity.

2.Remove the air filter, and check whether it is clean.

3.Remove the carburetor, then drop some oil into the cylinder, and start the machine a few times. If not, we need to wash the carburetor or replace it, and finally check the cylinder.

Some tips to maintain the machine: If you will not use this machine for a long time, you will have to take out the fuel tank and start the machine to burn off the carburetor and cylinder. To avoid residual oil clogging the carburetor, usually clean the air filter more, and the lubricating oil must be used with better lubrication effect.

III. The Reason Why the Chainsaw is Flame Out

There are two general situations:

1. Sudden flame out: The transition of the carburetor is not good, and the L screw of the carburetor needs to be re-adjusted.

2. idle shutdown: leakage or carburetor adjustment does not match.

IV.  What to do if the chainsaw stalls flame out

First of all, let's talk about the fundamental maintenance ideas of the chainsaw:

oil circuit, circuit, cylinder.

The oil circuit includes: carburetor, gasoline filter head, oil pipe, equalizer, oil pipe intake pipe, etc.

The Circuits includes: magnetic flywheel igniter, coil/high voltage, spark plug.

The Cylinder includes: piston, piston ring, cylinder.

Next is the cause of the search and repair steps:

Step 1: We will indirectly manually pull the chainsaw to see the operation of the whole. At this time, you can judge according to the lost information: There is no cylinder (experience can indirectly determine whether there is no tightening and pulling cylinder), there is no difference (can determine whether the magnetic flywheel and crankshaft damage), the starting assembly has no results. And according to the relevant conditions to replace or maintain the parts.

Step 2: Identify the circuit. Remove the spark plug (it is under the empty filter cover), reflect on whether it can deposit carbon and whether contact can be normal, so that the spark plug discharges local contact cylinder or can be conductive with the crankcase, and pull the chainsaw, at this time you can reflect on the circuit, such as whether there is electricity, the size of the power and the discharge distance can be bumped. This step can reflect whether the spark plug, coil and igniter are normal.

Step 3: Use your fingers to block the inside of the cylinder spark plug, and pull the pulling disc. You can see whether the cylinder can pull the cylinder, or remove the muffler, and see whether there is a pull mark on the cylinder muffler.

Step 4: Reflect on the oil circuit. Remove and clean the carburetor and adjust the carburetor pointer appropriately. Unscrew the fuel cap and check the fuel filter head. And check whether the oil pipe, intake pipe, etc., is damaged.

Under normal conditions, the successful chainsaw parts can be replaced or maintained to deal with the results.

In addition, oil seal breakage, negative pressure tube (equalizing trachea), magnetic flywheel and crankshaft, crankcase, equalizer deposition are rare conditions that can not be solved under the above steps suitable for re-thinking.

This is some common knowledge about chainsaws. If you want to buy a chainsaw, you can contact us

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