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How to choose the guide board of the chainsaw?

How to choose the guide board of the chainsaw?

Oct 30,2023
How to choose the guide board of the chainsaw?

Choosing a suitable chainsaw guide plate is a key factor to ensure the performance and service life of the chainsaw.However, consumers may be confused by the wide variety of guide boards on the market.

This article will give you some advice on choosing a chainsaw guide board.

First, choose the guide plate size according to the power and use of the chainsaw.Different chainsaw power requires different guide plate sizes to ensure the stability and cutting efficiency of the chainsaw.

If you need a chainsaw for heavy work, it is recommended to choose a larger guide plate because they provide better support and greater cutting depth.If your chainsaw is mainly used for trimming and fine work, you can choose a smaller guide plate.

Secondly, we want to choose the guide plate pitch according to the sprocket removed by the chainsaw.The pitch of the guide plate must match the pitch of the sprocket to ensure the smooth operation of the chain.If you are not sure which kind of pitch guide plate you need for your chainsaw, check the chainsaw manual or consult the manufacturer.

In addition, the structure and quality of the guide plate should be selected according to the use frequency of the chainsaw.If you use a chainsaw regularly, it is recommended to choose a durable and high-quality guide plate to ensure that it can withstand frequent use.

Some high quality guide plates are made of high strength materials, with longer service life and better wear resistance.

Finally, it should be noted that the choice of a suitable guide plate can not fully guarantee the performance and service life of the chainsaw, the correct use and maintenance of the chainsaw is equally important.

Regular cleaning and lubrication of the guide plate, keep the chain sharp and tension properly, are the key factors to ensure the long-term stable use of the chainsaw.

In short, the selection of suitable chainsaw plate needs to consider power, use, sprocket pitch and frequency of use.

By selecting a high quality guide plate and the correct use and maintenance, you can ensure the performance and service life of the chainsaw and improve the work efficiency.

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