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Adjustment and Daily Maintenance of Portable Irrigation Machine

Adjustment and Daily Maintenance of Portable Irrigation Machine

Aug 15,2023

Adjustment and Daily Maintenance of Portable Irrigation Machine

I. Overview of Portable Irrigation Machine

The mower is mainly used for trimming grass and shrubs. Portable mowers are widely used because they are easy to carry, simple to operate and practical.

II. Basic Knowledge of Portable Irrigation Machines

1. Working Principle of Portable Irrigation Machine

Portable brush cutter is mainly composed of transmission system, control system and working parts. The conventional system includes the engine, transmission parts, gearbox and clutch. When the brush cutter is working, the engine transmits kinetic energy to the working parts through the conveyor belt. When the engine of the brush cutter is started for a while, the centrifugal block in the clutch will gradually approach the clutch disc due to inertia, and finally the two will combine and drive the clutch operation. The worker controls the engine torque using the clutch and achieves the cutting operation of the brush cutter.

2. Basic Knowledge of the Use of Portable Irrigation Machines

According to the different types of engines, portable brush cutters can be divided into two categories: four-stroke and two-stroke, and according to the different types of drive shafts, they can be divided into two categories: rigid shaft drive and flexible shaft drive. The article mainly focuses on the analysis of a two-stroke portable brush cutter. In the process of use, the following points should be noted:

(1) Before using the equipment, you should first read the instruction manual carefully and bear in mind the precautions and other entries therein. At the same time, to avoid accidents, the first time you use it, you should have someone to guide the operation.

(2) Develop a work schedule. Before the workers work, they should make a reasonable work schedule according to the weather and surroundings at the time of work, to avoid injuries to the workers caused by overheating of the engine as a result of using the brush cutter continuously for a long period.

(3) Wear safe work clothes. Work clothes are a protective shield for the life of the worker. In case of an accident, the coveralls will effectively prevent the equipment from harming the worker. When working, it is important to avoid exposing the skin, and the material of the overalls should be made of a fire-resistant, heat-resistant and heat-resistant polymerised material so that it will provide protection. When working around high-rise buildings, equipment such as helmets and safety glasses should also be worn to ensure safe work.

(4) Maintain a safe working distance. In areas where multiple people are working, a safe distance of about 10m should be maintained between each other to prevent the brush cutter from causing injury to each other. At the same time, the equipment should be maintained at regular intervals, and the equipment around the cutter wheel should be reinforced to prevent the cutter wheel from flying out and causing injury to the operator.

(5) Strictly follow the instructions to avoid illegal operations. In the process of use, once an emergency occurs, the first operation is to turn off the engine power and to firmly avoid dangerous behaviour such as continuing to use the brush cutter even when an abnormal situation occurs. When you find an obstacle in front of you, you should stop the engine in advance and deal with the obstacle manually.

(6) Fully inspect the equipment. Before using the equipment, the equipment should be fully checked. Firstly check the equipment as a whole for any breakages etc. Secondly, check whether the fuel and oil pipelines are blocked. If the fuel is too low, avoid starting the operation, otherwise, it will hurt the engine. Then check the various parts, including whether the saw teeth are firm, whether the fuel tank cap leakage, etc.

3. The Use of Portable Irrigation Machine

(1) Check the fuel level. There is a maximum and minimum fuel level, and the engine can only be started if the fuel level is in between.

(2) Check whether there is any oil or gas leakage, and see whether the parts are loose. Here you should focus on checking whether the fuel pipe is clogged or leaking. Once this happens, you should stop using it immediately and replace the fuel pipe in time. Checking the firmness of each component is also indispensable. Before each use, you should meticulously check whether each nut is loose, whether the blade is broken, etc.

(3) Check whether the fuel filter is blocked. Fuel filters as the exit of the engine exhaust emissions, once blocked, it will lead to reduced engine efficiency, and easily cause incomplete combustion of fuel, resulting in a waste of resources.

(4) Check if the fuel tank is covered and see if there is any stuff on the oil surface. Once you find stuff floating on the oil surface, you should stop the machine immediately for inspection to ensure safe operation.

(5) Check whether the blade as well as the protective cover is working properly, if abnormalities are found, it should be shut down urgently for maintenance. At the same time, the protective cover should be replaced regularly to prevent the blades from breaking and causing harm to the human body.

(6) Start the engine. Place the portable brush cutter on level ground, away from obstacles, ready to start.

(7) Preparation. Preheat the brush cutter engine first, so that the engine piston begins to work normally, and then increase the speed.

III.Adjustment of cutting machine

1. Motor Adjustment

Motor adjustment mainly includes two major categories: adjustment of ignition advance angle and checking and adjustment of platinum gap. The ignition advance angle adjustment should be made by removing the starter and loosening the two screws that hold it in place, and then adjusting it by adjusting the two waist controls on the base plate until the angle is suitable. The platinum gap is adjusted mainly by turning the crankshaft and then turning the platinum base plate to adjust the gap to the proper distance. Then reverse the crankshaft in the opposite step and fix the screws.

2. Adjusting the handle of the irrigation machine

The adjustment of the handle of the brush cutter is relatively flexible. It can be flexibly adjusted according to the height and other requirements of the operator, adjusting the handle to a relatively suitable position. Then fix the adjustment valve.

3. Cutting machine spark plug adjustment

As an important part of the ignition, the spark plug is also very prone to problems in the process of use. Once the spark plug has problems, it is easy to cause problems such as not being able to start the engine. Therefore, the maintenance and inspection of the spark plug should be increased, and the carbon on the spark plug should be removed in time. At the same time, the gap should be no more than 0.7mm.

4. Starter Adjustment

After the starter is replaced, the spring should be adjusted to avoid being too loose or too tight. You can lift the rope wheel notch reserved for the adjustment of the rope, clockwise rotation that is to tighten the spring, and vice versa, loosen the spring. At the same time, when adjusting, pay attention to the length of this part of the rope. Too long or too short will hurt the use of the equipment.

5. Sawtooth Adjustment

After using the saw teeth for some time, there will be wear and tear and so on. At this time, you need to polish the saw teeth by filing, and polish those saw blades that have been cracked shorter. When in use, try to reduce much use of this part to reduce wear and tear.

6. Transmission Adjustment

Gearbox adjustment is mainly carried out by adjusting the tooth side clearance. Here the clearance can be adjusted to a normal clearance level by using special adjustment shims.

7. Throttle Fine-tuning

The adjustment of the throttle is mainly reflected in the adjustment of the throttle rope. After the throttle rope is used for some time, it will become longer due to the stretching effect, resulting in the piston not being fully utilized. This can be adjusted by shortening the length of the throttle rope appropriately.

8. Carburetor adjustment

Carburetor adjustment is mainly through the adjustment of the flat card spring, downward pressure on the flat card spring, the oil volume increases, and vice versa the oil volume decreases.

IV.Maintenance technology of irrigation machine

1. Filter Maintenance

The filter plays a vital role in the life of the engine and should be cleaned at intervals by removing the throttle and air valves. The filters can be cleaned by means of petrol and grease applied around the valves to prevent wear and tear.

2. Transmission Maintenance

Clean the gearbox regularly to remove dust and other deposits in the gearbox, and change the lubricant in the gearbox regularly. At the same time, test the electrical circuits in the gearbox to check for leaks and broken points.

3. Heat Sink Maintenance

Clean the heat sink in time to avoid high-temperature fire inside the equipment due to clogging of the heat sink. The heat sink should be coated with oil-proof material to avoid the deposition of dust.

4. Daily maintenance precautions

Any engine will exist in the break-in period, just purchased new equipment should not be overloaded for a long time, which will cause irreversible damage to the engine. At the same time, we should always check whether the external screws are loose, once loose, should immediately stop using them. The nuts should be treated with grease between them to prevent rust. The air guide cover is also one of the locations where dust is deposited. When cleaning, the wind guide cover should be removed. The cylinder head and cylinder block should be cleared, and the cleaning operation should be carried out comprehensively. As the core of the whole equipment, the engine should be paid extra attention to during routine maintenance and care. The engine should be comprehensively scrubbed, and then the cylinder should be filled with lubricant to reduce friction with the piston. It should also be protected by applying grease between the individual saw blades and teeth..

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